Our Story


During the first decade after the turn of the twentieth century, over 2.2 million Italians immigrated to the United States. Less than 1% made it to the Pacific Northwest – working in mostly labor and construction jobs. But many Italian immigrants made names for themselves in the Seattle-Tacoma food and restaurant industry from that era and beyond; Northwest giants like Merlino and Rosellini to name a few.

Josephina Piazza, then a small child, was one such immigrant, settling with her parents and brother in Tacoma. She married very young into the Stortini’s family and raised five children, all the while perfecting her sauces that have come to make Mama Stortini’s a uniquely Italian-American fusion of delicious flavors from Italy and the Northwest.

In so many ways, Mama is still with all of us – speaking through her food creations. Insiders know that Mama Stortini can cook anything, and would never limit her menu to the classics from Southern and Central Italy. The key ingredient in each offering is the love of food and cooking.

Look for Mama to experiment with many cuisines, but expect the flavors to comfort, delight and become part of many great memories for you, your friends and your family.

Welcome to Mama Stortini’s, a delicious blend of the Pacific Northwest, America and the Old World. We’re so glad you came home to Mama’s kitchen – it’s delizioso!